How to Order

How to Order

The first step in the order process to communicate all design ideas in detail and provide pictorial visuals of those ideas in order to ensure both parties understand what is to be achieved. Elarosesweetweddings will offer her own design expertise which may enhance, complement or change the client’s design through either of the following mediums; In person. Telephone.

WhatsApp Chat. Skype / Face Time Video Call. Electronic Mail (E-Mail).

Please note that for any dress designs chosen by the client which Elarosesweetweddings is not the original designer, we cannot guarantee that the dress will be made 100% similar to the original design (only the original designer can do that). However, we will be able to recreate the dress with 75% - 80% similarity to the original design using premium grade fabric, embellishments and techniques to achieve a similar effect as the original; without compromising the beauty and uniqueness of your dress.

Once in the production and contract phase, no changes can be made to the design and to measurements. The order becomes final and irrevocable.

Measurements: Measurements can be done in person or remotely. For clients able to appear in person at the Elarosesweetweddings office, their measurements will be taken by Ela Rose. If clients unable to appear in person, a detailed Elarosesweetweddings measurement guide which shows to measure accurately will be sent to the clients via e-mail for them to provide us with their measurements.

We advise those clients unable to appear in person that it is important to have their measurements taken by a professional tailor in order for these measurements to be accurate. Please be sure to fill out every item on the measurement sheet and check the measurements thoroughly for possible inaccuracies and incomplete / missing measurements before submitting back to us. Elarosesweetweddings will not be held responsible for any sizing / fitting mishaps caused by inaccurate measurements.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit cards, E-invoice or Cashapp.

Once Production starts, the design cannot be changed or altered.